by Timid, the Brave

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released February 24, 2017

Produced by Scott Orr and Timid, the Brave


all rights reserved



Other Songs Hamilton, Ontario

Canadian Independent Record Label.

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Track Name: Tallest Trees
I am faced with a forked path and a crippling choice
One treads through the woods with the mighty oak
The other flows through the folds of the flatlands and the seas of grain
I could stay my course or stand alone

On the plains I will be seen
The birds will flock to me
But I have always known
The woods are where the tallest trees are grown

I was born with this tug-a-war inside of me
I felt the pull of what could come to be
My feet are loose, my legs are strong and all for vanishing
An old world faith that ups and follows dreams


This is how it is, it’s one or it’s the other one I fear
So hold me here

Track Name: The Best
I’m sitting and I’m wondering why
I know I should not think twice
But everytime I kill the lights
Shut the door and close my eyes
Your memory fills my mind

Dancing in your living room
Spinning round to Harvest Moon
We swore that we would see things through
But there was nothing I could do
What was I to you?

‘Cause you were the best to me
The wind in my chest, the sun on my feet
You held my hand so carefully
How come I couldn’t see?

You showed me all the shops on main
Granville in the pouring rain
You took me down to English Bay
We watched the ships sail in to stay
I wish I’d done the same

You laughed at all my stupid jokes
Gave me shit when I would smoke
You read every word I wrote
Kept every letter and note
I thought that you should know

Track Name: Alice
I fell asleep on your floor
Staring at the remnants of your war
Your body not moving no more
And I cannot believe you slept with your bed by the door
Always ready to go

The children gather round your treasure bed
Bidding on the things that dressed your head
A firesale a terrible spread
And I can’t bear to stare at all those relics of the dead
When I awoke I was alone and I was scared
But I was ready to go

Step out into your sunny spring backyard
The blossoms are all bursting into stars
Those trees for which you cared and worked so hard
And I cannot believe how all their leaves were bathed in gold
And I was ready to go
Track Name: Time to Go
With my eyes on Orion
I am still hunting for a home
Come morning I’ll be flying
Far from the only place I’m known

I cannot pretend I don’t need you my friends
I know it doesn’t show
And I can’t stand the thought of leaving again
Now it’s time to go

Lord, it’s been a long time
Since I have seen my sister’s sons
The rope that binds unravels
When you’re travelling, when you’re always on the run.

Track Name: Waiting
I am waiting, I have prayed
But all I’ve heard are the silent sounds of the still parade
The sun is fading on my youth
I need more than borrowed praise and hollow truth

I don’t need a pillar of fire
I don’t need water from a stone
I drink when I’m thirsty like I question what I know
So won’t you throw this waiting dog a bone?

Too much like Thomas, but I’ve earned the name
There might be smoke, but there’s no fire without a flame
I’ve been told I’m a little like James
The way I doubt my brother’s words to hide my shame

I don’t need to walk on water
I don’t need water turned to wine
But if I walk by faith and not by sight I’m walking blind
So I’m still here, still looking for a sign
Track Name: Watch for the Water
I’ve been a drifter and there’s no one to blame
But the blood of my Father and the west coastal rain
So I scattered some stones, haven’t stopped to say hey
When it comes time to gather, we’ll see what they weigh

We’ll say hey, maybe we’ve been busy, or hey, maybe we changed

I built a boat, just to see how it sails
You’re shoveling coal and you’ve mapped out the rails
So I make friends with sailors for they know the sea
And you ride the rail-cars, oh the places you’ve been


If you’re ever in my town, if I ever float by,
If you’re caught in the cold under Hamilton skies
Then watch for the water, I’ll be riding the tide
We’ll shake hands in the harbor, split a bottle of rye

We’ll say hey, maybe we’ve been busy, or hey maybe we changed
These fires they’ll burn forever, though there’s days when you don’t feel their flame
So what are we doing complaining about the weather?
It snows in the winter, come springtime it rains

Track Name: I Am
I am the day, I am the dawn, I am the sparrow’s morning song
I’m the white light at your window when you wake
I’m the first, I am the last, I’m shadows from your broken past
Cast in gold and shining in the sun
I’m the lion, I’m the lamb I am the son of Abraham
and I’m his father holding up the blade

Don’t you make this about me
I’m right where I have always been
You ask but you’re not listening
My darling don’t you make this about me

I am stone, I’m a choice, I’m thunder in a still small voice
I’m a screaming whisper in the wind
I am love without the loss, I’m freedom come without the cost
I’m the king, the keeper of the key
I am home, I’m the light load, I am the long and winding road
I’m the only shelter that you need


Trust me son, I am your friend, I’ve seen worse things done to better men
So go on home or you’re gonna make a scene
Hold your tongue, put down that pen, don’t go spreading lies again
Don’t cut me down with every song you sing
Or go on, write another one it’ll sound like all the other ones
If you don’t move then they don’t mean a thing

Track Name: Your Own Game
A deck of cards, the ace of hearts slid hidden up your sleeve
Like a pro, you let it show, whenever I tried to leave
I chased the win and bought back in, it seemed you wanted me
You cleaned me out, took only what you need

And so it goes, you take the chance
Know when to fold, know when to hold your hand
I don’t blame you, I can’t count the times I’ve done the same
But it hurts like hell to lose at your own game

You held the straight, right out the gate, oh you’re clever on the draw
Just one look, that’s all it took and you had me at the bar
Here’s comes the turn, the last card burned, oh man, here comes the charm
The queen of hearts, you had me by the arm


You played it smart, I wore my heart out bleeding on my sleeve
You kept your cool, I played the fool for everyone to see
And by the time the river ran, man I could barely breathe
I bit the hook, you read me like a book

Track Name: Home
I met you in the morning, we packed our things and disappeared like ghosts
We drove for forty hours through the darkness and the drifting of the snow
Cut north through north Dakota for the border and the limits that we know
And I braced myself for questions: “is that my brother” and “where’d that painting go?”

Is this my home?

That’s how we spent our Christmases, wondering what makes a place a home
It may not be where my heart is, but it sure as hell is where my heart was grown
If the horseshoe’s where the flowers bloom, the prairies are still where those seeds were sown
I guess when it comes down to it, it’s not where you are but who it is you know


I’m going there, I’m going there, I’m going to prepare a place for you
And there are many beds and many rooms and many sunlit hallways to wander through

Track Name: November Fear
It happened again this year, oh me oh my
The grey clouds swooped down and froze the sky

The pace of this old race slowed right down
And knocked the wooden wheels off this old town

We’ll put our bicycles away
Bid a sad farewell to light of day
It could be this time of year
It could just be this late November Fear

Everyone is asking you to be something that you simply cannot be
So when the weight of this cold winter settles in, you cannot feel at home in your own skin

We’ll put our histories on hold
We’ve got nowhere far to go

It could be this time of year
It could just be this late November Fear
It could be the great white north
It could just be the will of the Lord